Macofa Chocolate is the dream child of Anish Joseph. He lived and grew up around cocoa plantations all his life. His life and passion is chocolate – which took him across the world. Anish has been an integral part and played a significant role in some of the world’s leading chocolate brands.

As a complete walking encyclopedia on anything and everything about Chocolates, he has created a whole eco-system by his own to collect the best organic cocoa, stringently shifted for selecting only the best quality beans and processing it in the most optimum condition to create cocoa powder, butter and ingredients to make the finest natural homemade chocolates possible.

After graduating and working in the corporate world with world’s premier chocolatiers for many years he decided to explore the world of chocolate in his own terms, in his homeland. His explorations in the world of chocolate led to the pioneering of the boutique chocolate experience in India. Here he brings into play his experience from learning and traveling across the world and through the prime chocolate manufacturing regions of Europe like Belgium, Spain, Italy…

It is his excruciating attention to detail, vast knowledge about the intricacies of cocoa processing and chocolate manufacture that gives Macofa Chocolate its wholesome goodness and rich healthy properties that virtually makes it a God-given food – which is nourishing and health-giving.

Having lived and grown up in the fertile high-ranges of central Kerala, Anish’s association with cocoa is intimate and first-hand. He has planted cocoa saplings, watched them grow, plucked cocoa beans, been through every aspect of cocoa bean processing. Then he moved on to the industrial processing of cocoa beans and to the manufacture of chocolates and other cocoa products. During the initial years, Macofa had been the only manufacturer and supplier of “home-made chocolates” across the prime tourist circuits in Southern India. It can be said that Anish is solely responsible for creating the real “Home-made Chocolate” trend, market and industry right from scratch in Southern India.