SINCE 1995


Chocolate is truly a gift from God. A heavenly delight like none other. It’s pleasurable… sweet, bitter, bitter-sweet, sweet-sour… and a whole multitude of exquisite tastes and varieties to savor. These delicious and irresistible chocolates deserved a special name. The Greek term for cocoa is ‘theobroma’ which literally means, “food of the gods”… which led us to name our brand ‘Manna’.

Macofa Chocolate’s tryst with chocolates comes from being born in the heart of the prime cocoa-growing region in India – the highlands of Kerala.

We are extremely particular in picking only the finest cocoa beans and every single ingredient that goes into the making of our celebrated Macofa Homemade Chocolate. We perfect our craft with a fanatical passion, create new flavors and tastes with love and build upon our craft with all our heart.

Macofa Chocolate delights discerning connoisseurs who visit our boutiques – Chocolate Factory at the scenic Munnar in Kerala and Chocolate Kitchen at the hill resort destination, Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu.

“Our signature creations singularly wrapped is now available as gift packs online through this site. Luxury delights that you can gift for every festive occasion. Rich, dark, flavored, milky white… we have perfected the art of creating unique wonders that pleasures your tongues. ”